Course 1

As usual we have quite a lot of options. Try to train/ practice as many of the options as you physically can so you have as many tools in your tool box as such.

  • Lead out with a start line ideally, go back and reward your start line as many times as you’d like. You can lead out on the left or right side.

Other handling option: Rear Cross 4 so our dogs go to the left instead.


Exercise 2

Working on: Blinds after Weaves

  • Start line wait send to tunnel.
  • Once in tunnel ‘come’ cue and mark the weaves.
  • Blind after Weaves and ¬†then Tight Left 4.
  • Show the line for 5 and 6.
  • Blind after 6.
  • Early shoulder rotation 7 to show the line for 8.
  • Mix up rewarding weaves for completion and the end of the sequence.

Exercise 3

Working on: More Blinds after Weaves

  • Same start. One Arm Threadle 2. Mark the tunnel. ‘Come’ cue once in the tunnel, so they know as they exit not to take any other equipment and to come into our side.
  • Cue weaves, leave early as there are only 6 and make a blind after the weaves.
  • Tight Left 5, Backside Slice 6, cue weaves.
  • Blind again after weaves, this one is a bit more tricky because we aren’t blinding in a straight line after like 4 to 5. But on a lot more of an angle. If your dog struggles with 4 to 5, dont attempt 7 to 8 until their understanding to stay in the weaves is there.
  • Once they exit the weaves, make sure you are not blocking their line to the tunnel, as if you are they will likely take number 2. Some dogs you can cue tunnel straight away, others you’d need to tell them to ‘come’ then tunnel so they understand not to take 2 first.

Other handling option: Blind after tunnel 3, so you scoop your dog into the weaves. Same for 6. Blind after 6 and scoop in also.


Exercise 4

Working on: Open Faced Weave Entries

  • Start line wait, Early shoulder rotation before 2, to show the line for 2 to 3. Cue weaves and move towards 4.
  • Cue Backside Slice and Serp 4. Cue tunnel and then Backside Slice again once in tunnel, so when exiting the tunnel they know what they are looking for.
  • Snake arm 6. Tight Right 7 with a ‘bang on the head’ and cue weaves.
  • Reward with a thrown toy for completion.

Exercise 5

Working on: Grab Weave Entries (if you have completed the first 4 exercises, your dogs will probably be ready for a break. Id save these next exercises for another day)

  • If you are unsure watch our video in the library labelled ‘Grab Weave Entries’ for help.
  • First picture, Grab weave on an open faced entry. German 3, put into the tunnel and tunnel and reward.
  • Second picture, Grab weave again but this time on a wrap around the first pole. German 3 again but the other way this time because your dog has come out of the weaves the other side and the side of number 4 has changed.


Exercise 6

Working on: More Grab Weave Entries, but now coming in from a different jump.



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