Welcome to Agility Secrets

At Agility Secrets we strive to provide you with all of your training needs in one place. We believe providing a vast range of training resources to you in one place will allow us to unlock YOUR dog’s full agility potential.

Our online training is the perfect place to start, whether you are new to agility, or an experienced handler looking for the support to take you and you dogs to the next level. We have the facilities to help you to utilise the knowledge and skills of some of the most successful professional agility handlers and teachers from across the world.

Agility Secrets Training Services:

Agility Secrets is a comprehensive online training resource, which uses video training to take you through all the stages; from what to do with your puppy and how to give him/her the best start, not just in agility, but in life. Right up to advance agility handling and training, nothing will be missed out.

Our camps are a great way to spend time away in a new and exciting environment with your fur companion, we will deal with all of the boring logistical stuff needed, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your time training your dogs with likeminded people. In the evening we have seminars from professional’s, or we relax by having social evenings, BBQ’s and games nights.

On our Guest Trainer events, we bring the best agility handlers from across the world to provide training, our Guest Trainers will share their expertise and support to ensure you receive the training you need to ensure you are progressing at your full potential.

Our training shows are created to provide you with a competition environment that allows you to test your new skills, and train in the ring. Our shows have a friendly environment and there will always be people on hand to help if required for the jobs you simply do not have enough hands to do, i.e. placing toys to reward your dog, grooming duties for taking leads etc, or some advice where needed.

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